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I am so sorry for not being on in like... Months. But life threw so much stuff at me, I just never got around to anything.
Im probably going to be on here very irregularly over the next few weeks as well, so apologies in adfvance for that.
But I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy Christmas, and Im sorry I could not get back to you. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves!!!

I'll try to be on as much as I can, but no promises, especially with more exams and applications and everything.
Hope you're all feeling okay, and having fun!!



Raven xx

  • Mood: Spidey Sense
  • Listening to: People bemoaning their lives *eyeroll*
  • Reading: Nuthin much...
  • Watching: The people bemoaning their lives...
  • Playing: With my time...
  • Eating: Milkybar. Because I can.
  • Drinking: I wish- Oh, I mean... erm... Water...?

What do I really need to get on with? 

4 deviants said Merlin Humourous Photos
2 deviants said Merlin Photo manips (If you have ideas, please comment)
2 deviants said Storm Hawks Photo manips (If you have ideas, please comment)
2 deviants said Uploading Merlin Fanfiction
2 deviants said Uploading Storm Hawks Fanfiction
2 deviants said Proper Photography!! (Like my recent work)
No deviants said Other Photomanips (Please comment which fandom!)
No deviants said Uploading Other Fanfiction (Please comment!)
No deviants said Other Humourous Photos (Please comment and give me requests!)


Shadow-StrikeRaven's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Where I live: UK... yeah, tell me about it. The amount of times I've wished I could live in Australia or Japan, *sigh*

Fandoms I am majorly into:
-Merlin(Total Merlinian, But No Merthur here, please!!!)
-Dr Who(Hello Fellow Whovians, Tennant for the win!!!)
-Sherlock ('lock is on the end of everything for me :D )
-RotG (Recent, but totally into it, none the less)
-Storm Hawks (we may be a dying fandom, but the name shall forever live on!!!!!)
-Disney. Because it just rocks... (Not weird that I know many of the songs and can quote entire passages right???)

In short, Im a Mer-Who-Hawk-Lockian Disney fanatic in an RotG craze... wow, that actually sounds kinda cool XD

Fandoms I have written for: Merlin, Storm Hawks, and RotG (also for Robin Hood, but meh...)
Fandoms I have done Art For: Merlin, Storm Hawks, Dr Who, Disney (Treasure planet mainly) Hunger Games

Now to the huge list that no-one ever reads but I figured I should upload anyway...

Fave TV Series... Oooohh, Merlin or Dr Who... Hard to choose :D (Babylon5 is also
awesome as is CSI and NCIS!!!)
Fave Cartoon... Definately Storm Hawks, though I love Looney tunes too :D
Fave Film.... Ooohhh, decisions.... Aside from disney, anything to do with vampires and the supernatural... Though I could never decide on a complete favourite film!!!
Oh, and Rise of the Guardians is badass!!! As is anything else from Dreamworks :D
Fave Genre... Comedy. Though I love adventure too :D (Johnny English is awesome!!!)
Fave book... Too many to choose from... some of my fave series are Morganville Vampires, Inheritance Cycle, Nightworld...
Fave Actor... well, I can never decide... so I will cheat. My fave doctor is 10, David Tennant, I also love Colin Morgan and Bradley James... And Daniel Craig... and Benedict Cumberbatch... and Ray Park and Jet Li and so many, I cant name them all :D

And I cant think of much else to write..... Maybe I'll update at random times with random info :D
And if you wanna know anyhing.... just ask :D



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CarlottaStudios Mar 31, 2014  Student Writer
Oh my god, I feel horrible right now. Why? Because, well, I said that I made a video with the son Angel of Darkness? I finished it a long while ago, and I never told about it!!! Here's the link and PLEASE tell me what you think!…
not-an-emo-girl942 Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
Thanks for the fave :D
Bamboo-Warrior Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey thanks for faving!
What the hell is wrong with you, kid? dont come running your mouth like that to me. im just saying that girl was in danger who might fall in the water of a dangerous swamp. 
Sorry, but she is kind of one of my best friends, both on this site and in actual non-virtual life. I apologised for being so strong worded, but I didn't like seeing her upset because somebody commented like that. 
Well, you almost were lucky to apologize, caus ethat was going to costs your for this, i forgive you

but thnik twice before you running your mouth off like that.

And when i was saying is like a warning to her, not to fall in water.
starlightt1234 Feb 28, 2014  Student Writer
:iconholyshitplz:, thanks so much for the :iconwristwatchplz:!:iconfeelingfreeplz:
Haha, no problem :) Love the icons by the way, Lol :D
Thank you very much for the fave! It's very much appreciated -

SCFrankles Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for faving my SWS ^^ :icongiveflowerplz:
warriorcats16678 Feb 13, 2014  Student Writer
Thx for the fav
Thanks for the fave! :D
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